Funded under the Mobility for Growth theme of Horizon 2020, the project CIPTEC aims at increasing the share of public transport in European cities, by utilising innovative ideas through a wider than usual stakeholder platform, and particularly by exploiting the passengers own intelligence. Tero participates in research, management and dissemination activities, buidling and promoting a collective intelligence platform for European passengers.
Funder under the Interreg MED programme, the project Castwater studies coastal areas sustainable tourism water management in the Mediterranean. Tero participates in the identification of good water management practices by SMEs, as a subcontractor of the innovation centre Las Naves in Valencia.
Funded under the Interreg Europe programme, the project Innogrow studies regional policies for innovation driven competitiveness and growth of rural SMEs, and offers regional support to engage such SMEs in innovation. Tero participates in the studying of new disruptive technologies' impact on rural economy SMEs, as a subcontractor of the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
Funded under the Interreg Europe programme, the project Symbi promotes industrial symbiosis for regional sustainable growth and a resource efficient circular economy. Tero supports the implementation of the project as a subcontractor of the Malopolska region.
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